About OpenPlans

We're changing the culture of information sharing by local gov, giving everyone actionable information about projects near them. We're making it easier for planners to share information, and easier for communities to discover information and act on it. Because our tools are online, it's easy to get started, and we keep making improvements.

We want to see a big change in communication in planning. Our goal is genuine, two-way constructive conversation between planners and the communities they serve. Getting beyond the usual suspects, we want to see greater engagement from a more diverse population. Eventually, nobody should wonder what's going on or feel like they're missing from discussions.

Meet the team behind OpenPlans…

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OpenPlans is a 501(c)3. In addition to our current transportation and planning work, we previously incubated and launched Boundless (formerly OpenGeo), Streetfilms, Streetsblog, and Chalkbeat (formerly GothamSchools). Our previous open source software work has included substantial contributions to projects like OpenTripPlanner and OpenTripPlanner Analyst, and more.

Who's got OpenPlans?

Our day-to-day work is spent creating beautiful, effective online tools to gather public input and share information. We’re proud to have partnered with cities large and small on projects, and we have a great track record of making tangible steps towards a better planning process.

Boro Taxis

NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission recently gathered locations for new Boro Taxi stands.

Virginia Highland Master Plan

Residents of Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands informed a community master plan, sharing what they see and know about the neighborhood on the map.
  • Alliance for Walking and Biking
  • Alta Planning
  • Baker
  • Boston Globe
  • Cambridge Systematics
  • City of Chicago
  • City of Philadelphia
  • City of West Hollywood
  • Columbia Daily Tribune
  • Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • ITP
  • Knight Foundation
  • Living Cities
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • National Association of City Transportation Officials
  • Nelson\Nygaard
  • NYC Department of Transportation
  • Oregon Metro
  • Orton Family Foundation
  • Philadelphia Foundation
  • PlaceMatters
  • Project for Public Spaces
  • Public Laboratory
  • Purpose
  • Ride Connection
  • Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • Sound Transit
  • State of Rhode Island
  • The Municipal Art Society of New York
  • The Sonoran Institute
  • TreeKIT
  • Trimet

Our Team

Frank Hebbert Director

Frank is interested in creating radically better planning outcomes through the intersection of planning, technology and public participation.

Andy Cochran Creative Director

Andy believes that great design and user experience can promote better civic engagement.

Mjumbe Poe Software Developer

Mjumbe enjoys projects that empower others to understand and affect their environments.

Kelly Donohue Operations Associate

Kelly assists in financial operations and event planning.

Jon Tehrani Fellow

Jon is investigating how planners use software tools to communicate about projects.

Shraddha Ramani Fellow

Shraddha works on setting up collaborative maps and helping planners make the most of community input.

Gina Chung Operations Manager

Gina takes care of financial operations and other important stuff for OpenPlans.

The Board

Mark Gorton (Founder and President), Andrew Hoppin (New Amsterdam Ideas), Gabe Klein, Joseph Lipman (Hospital for Special Surgery), Christopher Tucker (Yale House Ventures), Jennifer Walker (Joseph Brooke LLC)

All the software we build is open source.

Why open source?

Open source means that our code and processes are open. You can use our roadmap to see what we're going to build next, and you can get involved in re-using and improving our tools at github.com/openplans. We welcome participation in our projects and are grateful to everyone for their contributions of code, ideas, and feedback.

Because our software is open, everyone benefits from each improvement we make. Investments by cities in tools contributes to supporting a new generation of planning tools. We're proud to be giving municipal staff technology they can re-deploy themselves, building internal skills to be technology innovators.

Talk about our software at

We're open in other ways too…

We help neighborhood organizations get started with our tools, providing technical assistance and capacity building. We consider ourselves impartial, informed guides to the exciting world of civic technology. We’re also a convener and host for events that help advance ideas of progressive, tech-supported planning, including PlanningCamp and TransportationCamp. As an organization and individually, we strive to be good citizens in our home towns of New York City and Philadelphia.