We’re working towards cities where communities are partners in shaping neighborhoods, where transportation systems are designed in collaboration with everyone who rides them, and where planners and other professionals are engaging the public in ongoing, productive conversations about positive change. We’re looking forward to public meetings where everyone arrives informed, stays engaged, and leaves happy. We imagine a future where community groups are equipped to collect and make sense of data, running analysis and models in a web browser at the library. We’re looking to use the enormous power of the personal tech revolution — social networks, smartphones, open data and more — to transform how cities are planned, funded, built and operated. In short, we’re on an ambitious mission to make planning more open, more efficient, and more fun.

Our day-to-day work is spent creating beautiful, effective online tools to gather public input and share information. We’re proud to have partnered with cities large and small on projects, and we have a great track record of making tangible steps towards a better planning process.

As an organization and individually, we strive to be good citizens in our home towns of New York City and Philadelphia. All our software work is done as open source, which means everyone benefits from each improvement we make. We welcome participation in our projects and are grateful to everyone for their contributions of code, ideas, and feedback. We help neighborhood organizations get started, providing technical assistance and capacity building. We’re also a convener and host for events that help advance ideas of progressive, tech-supported planning, including PlanningCamp and TransportationCamp. We consider ourselves impartial, informed guides to the exciting world of civic technology.

OpenPlans is a 501(c)3. In addition to our current transportation and planning work, we previously incubated and launched Boundless (formerly OpenGeo), Streetfilms, Streetsblog, and Chalkbeat (formerly GothamSchools). Our previous open source software work has included substantial contributions to projects like OpenTripPlanner and OpenTripPlanner Analyst, and more.

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New York, NY 10013
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Our Team


  • b3tHvR9nDZ9NzvrqJ6FWY4BAok0oJKo0EsWUbUDOR2U
    Frank Hebbert


    Frank is interested in creating radically better planning outcomes through the intersection of planning, technology and public participation.

  • Ellen McDermott
    Ellen McDermott

    Director of Operations

    Ellen is responsible for all the financial, administrative and operations aspects of the organization.

  • NSVBPco_0uUC3byrl9cpuA9pQDSGqhDha0TQHzLgyxw
    Andy Cochran

    Creative Director

    Andy leads visual design and interface work on OpenPlans’ projects.

  • kelly
    Kelly Donohue

    Operations Associate

    Kelly assists Ellen in financial operations and event planning.

  • Nb6OgdRIYVtMC9LQDuYtHwaoLQfGSikIR-jdxA7LJwo
    Aaron Ogle


    Aaron believes that software can be used to build for a better world.

  • YKuT9zRK4_HSCnARFHbIzFxfQwWUEcaWzFHaQm1kO04
    Mjumbe Poe

    Software Developer

    Mjumbe enjoys projects that empower others to understand and affect their environments.

Board of Directors:

  • Mark Gorton
    Founder and President
  • Andrew Hoppin
    New Amsterdam Ideas
  • Joseph Lipman
    Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Christopher Tucker
    Yale House Ventures
  • Jennifer Walker
    Joseph Brooke LLC


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