Humble Bike Rack Tells a Story of a Broken Process

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This is the first post generated by the Neighborhood Empowerment Project, an initiative of our parent company, Open Plans, to change the ineffective way our city government responds to neighborhood problems. If you have a maddening story of dealing with the city, such as small changes taking years or simply being unable to find an agency that will take responsibility for a problem, submit your story here.

Quick! What’s the biggest factor preventing New Yorkers from taking up bicycle commuting?

If your answer is some variation of “safety,” congratulations. According to The New York City Bicycle Survey conducted by the Bloomberg administration in 2006, people who did not bike to work were asked what was holding them back. “Too much traffic/driver behavior” had a higher average ranking among non-commuters than any other response.

Click through to read the whole story on Streetsblog NYC:

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