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Another week, another slew of updates to Plan In A Box… First, a security note: we want your Plans to be Open, but not your passwords. Like most of the web this week, the Heartbleed security vulnerability affected the certificates that keep Plan In A Box accounts safe. We changed the certs on Wednesday, and Read more…

Coming soon to Plan In A Box

Since launching the alpha version of Plan In A Box at the end of January, we’ve been taking your feedback and comments. We’ve learned a lot about the kinds of information planners want to be sharing, including some of the big questions — why is this project happening? why should I be involved? — right Read more…

Start promoting your projects with Plan In A Box

Plan In A Box demo

Put timely, engaging information about your projects online in a matter of minutes.

Plan In A Box is one part town-hall one part project archive. It’s a place where people can come to find out what’s already happened, what’s happening now, stay engaged, and be more informed participants.

Plan In A Box is ready for you to use. Create a project page today, share, and print it. We’re eager to hear your feedback: we’re reading every email and tweet, and using them to guide which features we build next.


Looking back at PlanningCamp Philly

We had a great time at PlanningCamp Philly last weekend. The Philly planning and civic tech community is awesome–we had 130 people for 33 sessions, ranging from Making Infrastructure Sexy, to How to Keep Philly Millennials Here and Engaged, to a demo of OpenPlans’ alpha version of our Plan In A Box software.


PlanningCampers got an early peek at Plan In A Box

Saturday was the third PlanningCamp, the perfect venue to show Plan In A Box and hear feedback.

We’ve been heads-down for the past few weeks, working on an alpha version. At past PlanningCamps in NYC and Oakland, we learned more about the tools that planners need. This weekend in Philly was our first opportunity to show the work to a wider audience so far, and hear a ton of really great feedback.


Meet Hatch

Meet Hatch, a civic engagement tool we’ve been working on with Living Cities. Hatch helps Twitter users come together and exchange ideas, and for others to follow and engage with the conversations.

TransportationCamp Chat with Scott Bricker

“Technology has huge impacts on the ability for people to walk, and I think it’s also become a huge motivation. There’s a great number of people who are using technology to track their physical activity, to track their walking steps. A lot of times, that’s related to just getting out and going for a pleasure walk, but that’s also completely compatible with transportation walking.”

TransportationCamp Chat with Kevin Webb

“We’re interested in it in a very specific case, which is modeling of transportation outcomes, but there’s lots of other ways in which the data is being used. We’re starting to see examples where governments‑‑like, for example in Brazil‑‑recently passed laws that actually require these data products to be created as part of service delivery by private operators that are operating franchise service. That allows them to have an oversight mechanism into what’s going on, in terms of performance review and keeping track of things; it’s leveraging a standard.”

TransportationCamp Chat with Tom Fairchild

OpenPlans and friends are convening the third annual TransportationCamp DC on January 11, 2014, at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. If you haven’t already signed up, you are very welcome. We’re reaching out to leaders and thinkers in the transportation and technology field, and asking them about what is interesting and important in the field right now. I spoke Read more…

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